The Comeback of Birkenstock into Fashion


No one could have predicted the comeback of Birkenstock as distinguished player in the fashion industry. Maybe because of their oversimplified design, that is perceived by some as “ugly”, as Vogue contributor Katherine Bernard told the magazine, but other important authorities in the fashion world like Givenchy, Asos, Matches Fashion and others, have strengthened the belief that these shoes are a great piece of art.

The price of the Birkenstocks is what makes some admirers hesitate, but if you consider the price tag of Givenchy’s ones you will see the original price as a 90% discount ! Furthermore, there are numerous good reasons to think about buying a pair of Birkenstock sandals.

Fashion Success SignalsBirkenstock-fashion-benetton_pajama_trousers1

In an article from the guardian in july, reported that they have had then a rise in sales of
95% of all varieties ofthe sandals, and it was the case for Asos also who reported that they never had a similar success on the Birkenstocks stock. The sales increased significantly for spring/summer season which led to the necessity of multiple trade repeats because of the high demand.

Black and white are the two favourite colors when it comes to luxury market as the buying director of luxury online retailer Matches Fashion reported.



Versatile style

Birkenstock sandals has attitude. In addition to that, these sandals, thanks to the variety of materials that the company produces, could be styled in various ways, casual, sporty, and could even be worn with a dark blue suite. Not only that, i have also seen guys wearing Birkenstocks with socks ! And that wasn’t a bad look actually.


Comfy Birkenstocks

Thanks to the cork made footbed, the Birkenstock shoes provide maximum comfort as it adapts to your feet’s shape, the longer you wear them, the more they are comfortable. A genius idea from the German company that had, from the beginning, thought to use natural materials to produce quality comfortable footwear.

Trendings Trainers for Men in 2016

nike inneva woven

As a fashion trend sign of continuity, Fashionbeans reported that the international sneaker market’s revenue per year is estimated at $55bn. This trend refresh has also triggered the will of some luxurious brands to enter the market of sneakers in order not to miss its part of the Gateau. Here is list of trainers trending recently this year.

Adidas Spezial


Adidas Originals‘ ‘Spezial’ collection is inspired by European style





Adidas YEEZY

adida yeezy-YZY350_BLACK_06

adida yeezy-YZY350_BLACK_06








Tweed is coming back again but not for grandpa only

Mensear fashion tweed

Mensear fashion tweed

From the beginning of the minimalist movement, we started to see the impact of it on the fashion industry that can be noticed in the tendency of what is slim, short, light weight and even the up and down all in one color. This is mainly why when someone put a tweed waistcoat will probably be labelled “grandpa”, but the change has been clearly observed with the beginning of 2016.

You may not be surprised if you see tweed on boats hats, pale suits or pocket watches, but waist coats and jackets will also be part of the menu.

Here are a couple of nicely tailored tweed.

Mensear fashion tweed (2)

Tweed suit



Top 5 American Watch Brands


When talking about watchmakers, the United States is not mainly mentioned in the top of the list despite its significant contribution in the watch market. Brands like Kobold, Oak & Oscar, and Weiss (that sounds swiss but it is not) are here from a long time and worth to take a look at. Here are seven watch brands from the U.S.



Hager is one of the most professional looking american watches, and guess who had the monopoly over them : the CIA. Yes these watches were only available for the employees of the famous secret agency.



Primarily known for its record-breaking Devon GTX supercar, Devon is also involved in the watchmaking industry with a unique design that features futuristic sleek typography in its timepieces in addition to a ultra-thin rubber belts printed. Design choices that resulted in a nomination for an award at the prestigious Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève.



Having a similar look to the Fossil watches, Shinola makes classy watches and is another american brand which deserves being mentioned among the US watchmakers.


Web banner with image



RGM Co, which refers to Roland G. Murphy, is a well known premier watchmaker Founded in 1992, featuring a high grade mechanical and custom timepieces that are made in the United States.




Kobold, as they claim, is rather making equipment when it comes to watchmaking, solid and flexible enough that a possessor of one of these can take it with him to high mountains, and this is the aim of this watch company, as its slogan says, “Embrace Adventure,” and its price is a bit high but justified.




Based in Los Angeles, California, Weiss is a prestigious company that makes its pieces of jewelry by hand mixing American and Swiss components that are in the final stage assembled in the United States in an attempt to regenerate this old tradition in America.


How to Take Care of Your Expensive Leather Duffle Bag



In case you have an expensive leather duffel bag or not, you may want to know how to take care of this precious fashion piece like it deserves to be treated.

Why investing in an expensive leather duffel bag? Well, because in addition to the nice effect on leather produced by oxidation over a long period that is also called “patina”, it will last longer than cheap ones.Consequently, you want to take care of your bag’s high quality leather but also manage to know how your classy bag keeps its shape, when you’re not using it, classy and firm.
Here are some advices to keep your bag safe from harm.

Put a ball inside it

A ball, a basketball or football ball or anything else you see fit to keep it in shape, and the lighter the better.

Wrap it up


Many bags come with its own covers, but you can use a soft material blanket large enough to cover all the bag or use a dust bag.
Hope your bag will be safe.
Have a nice day.