Top 4 Invicta Watches For Men


Every man who cares about style cares about wearing the right watch. Invicta watches are among the most popular designer watches with interesting variety of designs that would suit many different men´s styles. The features and quality of these watches are discussed on many reviews across the internet and not everyone has the time to go throught them one by one in order to decide which Invicta watch is the right one for him. To make it easier for you, here is a list of most popular Invicta watches with a summary of features to help you compare and pick the right timepiece.

invicta-mens-6620-ii#1. INVICTA MEN’S 6620 II

The Invicta 6620 is a men’s watch that combines virility with its edgy spiky bezel and elegance. A classy shiny case made of stainless steel, grey like all the pieces of the watch which gives a sense of unity and formality. The dial is nicely designed with a serious font for the Arabic numerals colored in light grey which adds a touch of sensibility to the overall design. The dial is protected under a flame-fusion crystal famous for being durable and which is found on the majority of Invicta Watches. The 6620 is water resistant.

invicta-mens-0070-pro-diver#2. INVICTA MEN’S 0070 PRO DIVER

This is the first Pro Diver watch of this list. The 0070 Pro Diver is sports watch designed to accompany the wearer in swimming activities (but not scuba diving) as it’s water resistant to 200 m (660 ft). The design of this Pro Diver is very different from the usual famous design like in the 8926 which is also on our list. The dark blue bezel goes very nice with the slightly brighter blue of the dial. The red hand of the seconds sub-dial is a very intelligent design detail which gives the impression of a professional watch. The strap band is also an unusual design from Invicta on this one. It has three chronograph sub-dials, and a date window at 4 o’clock.

invicta-mens-6977-pro-diver#3. INVICTA MEN’S 6977 PRO DIVER

This is another Invicta watches from the Pro Diver collection. This is a high contrast watch combining only black and light silver tone witch a tiny red color on the seconds counter located near 3 o’clock. The dial of this Invicta is designed with silver circle instead of the regular Arabic numerals which a good choice so that the watch looks less busy as it has a very bold bezel. The numerals on the bezel are easily readable because of the contrast of black and white. The watch comes with a polyurethane band with some pieces made of stainless steel with the same color as the case. Rubber is known to be the ideal material for diving activities, but the water resistance of this watch is quite low compared to the others, only 330 feet.

invicta-mens-8926-pro-diver#4. INVICTA MEN’S 8926 PRO DIVER

Even though the Invicta 8926 is not number one of our watches list today, but it’s definitely the most popular Invicta watch I know of. Being a Rolex Submariner’s homage ( or copy), this is somehow a bargain when considering the look of it. The Rolex one costs $7,500, while you can get the Invicta copy of it at less than $100, crazy I know, but I think it’s needless to say that you won’t get the same quality or not even near the quality of the luxurious original one. One thing is sure is that the Invicta 8926 is one of the greatest quality/price watch out there on the market. This watch’s case is 40 mm wide and is made of stainless steel case featuring a mineral dial window. The movement of the 8926 is a Japanese automatic movement and is water resistant to 200 meters. An elegant masculine look for cheap.

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Top Men’s Wooden Watches

Watchmakers are struggling to come up with the new outstanding designed timepieces. While, many of them just copy the design of the watch that made their success, others have gone further by making watches made of other commonly used materials : wood. Wooden watches are no longer these big chunky thing that resembles a cartoon character’s watch. Today, many designers have contributed to the shaping of a modern looking wood watch. This a good news for men’s fashion folks because these watches made of wood have many qualities that every man would appreciate.


The Original Wood Grain

The creator of the universe have made nature so sophisticated that we find in it different beautifully random patterns like in materials such as marble, rocks and wood. Because of the natural wood grain found on this materials, a wood watch is also naturally unique. This is an intrinsic value that many fashion items creators try to imitate. Here, no imitation is needed, nor no customization is needed, all is natural. This is an amazing feature and which produces a personal item that the wearer feels it’s one of a kind. In addition to that, wood tends to become more and more smooth and shiny throughout the years.

Wood Watches Brands

Many brands from different countries today manufacture wooden watches. The American Treehut, the Canadian Tense and the Italian WeWOOD. Some of them make watches entirely of wood (except the clasp), and others make watches where only the case is made of wood. Many designs are available to choose from, here are some picked wooden timepieces :


original-grain-wooden-watches-for-menA wood watch will definitly add authenticity to your look and will make you feel the warmth of nature on your wrist. In addition to the contribution you’ll make to the environment by buying a watch made of Eco-friendly material.