How to Take Care of Your Expensive Leather Duffle Bag



In case you have an expensive leather duffel bag or not, you may want to know how to take care of this precious fashion piece like it deserves to be treated.

Why investing in an expensive leather duffel bag? Well, because in addition to the nice effect on leather produced by oxidation over a long period that is also called “patina”, it will last longer than cheap ones.Consequently, you want to take care of your bag’s high quality leather but also manage to know how your classy bag keeps its shape, when you’re not using it, classy and firm.
Here are some advices to keep your bag safe from harm.

Put a ball inside it

A ball, a basketball or football ball or anything else you see fit to keep it in shape, and the lighter the better.

Wrap it up


Many bags come with its own covers, but you can use a soft material blanket large enough to cover all the bag or use a dust bag.
Hope your bag will be safe.
Have a nice day.