The Comeback of Birkenstock into Fashion


No one could have predicted the comeback of Birkenstock as distinguished player in the fashion industry. Maybe because of their oversimplified design, that is perceived by some as “ugly”, as Vogue contributor Katherine Bernard told the magazine, but other important authorities in the fashion world like Givenchy, Asos, Matches Fashion and others, have strengthened the belief that these shoes are a great piece of art.

The price of the Birkenstocks is what makes some admirers hesitate, but if you consider the price tag of Givenchy’s ones you will see the original price as a 90% discount ! Furthermore, there are numerous good reasons to think about buying a pair of Birkenstock sandals.

Fashion Success SignalsBirkenstock-fashion-benetton_pajama_trousers1

In an article from the guardian in july, reported that they have had then a rise in sales of
95% of all varieties ofthe sandals, and it was the case for Asos also who reported that they never had a similar success on the Birkenstocks stock. The sales increased significantly for spring/summer season which led to the necessity of multiple trade repeats because of the high demand.

Black and white are the two favourite colors when it comes to luxury market as the buying director of luxury online retailer Matches Fashion reported.



Versatile style

Birkenstock sandals has attitude. In addition to that, these sandals, thanks to the variety of materials that the company produces, could be styled in various ways, casual, sporty, and could even be worn with a dark blue suite. Not only that, i have also seen guys wearing Birkenstocks with socks ! And that wasn’t a bad look actually.


Comfy Birkenstocks

Thanks to the cork made footbed, the Birkenstock shoes provide maximum comfort as it adapts to your feet’s shape, the longer you wear them, the more they are comfortable. A genius idea from the German company that had, from the beginning, thought to use natural materials to produce quality comfortable footwear.

Tweed is coming back again but not for grandpa only

Mensear fashion tweed

Mensear fashion tweed

From the beginning of the minimalist movement, we started to see the impact of it on the fashion industry that can be noticed in the tendency of what is slim, short, light weight and even the up and down all in one color. This is mainly why when someone put a tweed waistcoat will probably be labelled “grandpa”, but the change has been clearly observed with the beginning of 2016.

You may not be surprised if you see tweed on boats hats, pale suits or pocket watches, but waist coats and jackets will also be part of the menu.

Here are a couple of nicely tailored tweed.

Mensear fashion tweed (2)

Tweed suit