Top 5 American Watch Brands

When talking about watchmakers, the United States is not mainly mentioned in the top of the list despite its significant contribution in the watch market. Brands like Kobold, Oak & Oscar, and Weiss (that sounds swiss but it is not) are here from a long time and worth to take a look at. Here are seven watch brands from the U.S.



Hager is one of the most professional looking american watches, and guess who had the monopoly over them : the CIA. Yes these watches were only available for the employees of the famous secret agency.



Primarily known for its record-breaking Devon GTX supercar, Devon is also involved in the watchmaking industry with a unique design that features futuristic sleek typography in its timepieces in addition to a ultra-thin rubber belts printed. Design choices that resulted in a nomination for an award at the prestigious Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève.



Having a similar look to the Fossil watches, Shinola makes classy watches and is another american brand which deserves being mentioned among the US watchmakers.


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RGM Co, which refers to Roland G. Murphy, is a well known premier watchmaker Founded in 1992, featuring a high grade mechanical and custom timepieces that are made in the United States.




Kobold, as they claim, is rather making equipment when it comes to watchmaking, solid and flexible enough that a possessor of one of these can take it with him to high mountains, and this is the aim of this watch company, as its slogan says, “Embrace Adventure,” and its price is a bit high but justified.




Based in Los Angeles, California, Weiss is a prestigious company that makes its pieces of jewelry by hand mixing American and Swiss components that are in the final stage assembled in the United States in an attempt to regenerate this old tradition in America.



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